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2014 Robertson Wine Guide

About Us

Hanlie Allan, a UCT Michaelis School of Fine Art graphic design graduate, succumbed to the lure of the countryside, moved to Stanford in 1999 and now resides in Hermanus.
She established her reputation in graphic design in the corporate world and ran her design studio in Cape Town for 22 years. She also lectured in History of Graphic Design and Typography.

A fine graphic designer, Hanlie now uses her profession to express her love of the country lifestyle – good food, excellent wine and genuine rural hospitality. She studies French and Interior Design and will soon be a French swallow as she follows her passion for French men and French wine.

Glynis van Rooyen, a journalist by profession, combines a love of travel, writing and wine in daily life and is happy to call this work. She has specialized in travel and wine writing over the past 30 years and has published three guide books on travel in South Africa as well as two annual wine guides and the first Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil in South Africa.

Anything to do with exploring our magnificent countryside, meeting the hospitable folk out there and experiencing the excellent wines, olive oil and food on offer, becomes an inspiration for her.

The latest addition to the publishing stable is the first guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil in South Africa - an excellent tool for the consumer to find and buy this healthy local product.

The guide features 48 producers and information on how to taste, identify and store extra virgin olive oil. The medical benefits of using EVOO are also clarified as are some myths and assumptions regarding its use.

The guide is aimed at the consumer in South Africa who is generally uninformed about the quality and benefits of locally produced oil. The guide is available from the publishers: